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Divide the area of ​​each province


Cannabis &Hemp Project 


Cannabis &Hemp Project 


Cannabis &Hemp Project 


Cannabis &Hemp Project 

Up Stream 

We have a project on land that produces hemp cannabis. To take advantage and with the project is designed with technology coupled with specialized systems that can control the environment, both temperature. the frequency of light in the air humidity level have accurate equipment, able to collect data for research Including checking and comparing the data via surveillance cameras coupled with sensors to increase efficiency in caring for hemp cannabis plants to meet the standards.

Projects started from Up Stream

Middle Stream 

The project we are working on has helped drive the development of commercial production of both medical groups with cannabis and hemp extracts for therapeutic use. including other health products Containing cannabis and hemp extracts as an ingredient and consulting on natural products from cannabis and hemp extracts that have been researched in the development of product prototypes for further study in the experiment.

Extracted and processed to develop in the middle Stream

Down Stream 

Our project can further develop and develop the “Cannabis-Hemp” business in a variety of forms, starting from leaves, roots, stems, which can be used in Thai traditional medicine recipes. Herbal products and bark, stem core, fibers used in the textile industry. And the extract is used in the pharmaceutical industry. herbal products and cosmetics The seeds or hemp oil used in food and cosmetics until becoming a brand under the project of CISW Green World Company

Promote and extend service products to downstream

Operation Procedure


Project Improvements

Develop Project

Collect statistics
and optimize

Continue working
after success


Cannabis & Hemp Project 1 - Chonburi Province


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CISW Cannabis & Hemp Cultivation Project Thailand
Have Legally licensed Chonburi Province, on an area of 20 rai,25 greenhouse

Investors can invest in cannabis greenhouse about applying for various permissions. which CISW International is responsible for every step of the way. If investors are interested in investing in planting only 8,000,000 bath per greenhouse.


CISW Cannabis & Hemp Project 2 - Mae Taeng-Sankampaeng 


CISW Mae Taeng & Sankampaeng  Project Thailand

Land, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, 160 rai, located on a hill surrounded by mountains. Cool weather all year round There is a river of Mae Taman flowing through it. Convenient transportation along the line is an ideal project area for hemp cultivation. It is also an eco-tourism attraction and a beautiful resort to relax.


CISW Cannabis & Hemp Project 3 - Bowin - Chonburi 


CISW Bowin Chonburi Project Thailand

Land Bowin Project is a resource area that promotes all factors including planting, industry, experimentation, research and tourism. It is an ideal area for the development of hemp cannabis in all aspects.


CISW Cannabis & Hemp Project 4 - Chiang Mai


CISW Chiang Mai Project Thailand

Economic Advantage & Products Development Aside from market demand and potential health benefits, governments cannot ignore new employment opportunities for farmers and new tax revenue streams.Thailand’s geography is a golden opportunity with natural sunlight, tropical climate and elevation, allideal for low cost production and furtheringThailand’s agricultural prime positioning with another cash crop. 

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